Fully Kiosk Issue - Background Image Issue

Has anyone encountered an issue using Fully Kiosk, where the custom background image fails to load? It loads fine via the Sharptools webpage through the browser, but when it loads through Fully Kiosk, it will not load.

Can you share more details about the media? Is the media URL http instead of https? Does it require a login of some sort?

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the quick response, and sorry for the delayed response on my end.

Here is the link i’m using for the media url:

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I don’t think that it requires a login.

Hey @Jeff_Smith1 - thanks for the update. I wasn’t able to access that URL directly, so it might require a login which could be the issue. Depending on the sensitivity of the image, you might also consider another image host like Imgur:

Thanks Josh,

Yeah, it does require me to login to my Google account with that URL. If I logout and search images, and use that URL, it works great. Thanks for the speedy replies and help!

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