Foscam cameras on dashboard

I have recently nvested in a few Foscam cameras. What is the best way to integrate these so that one, I get an alert if alarm (motion) is on any cam, and two, to be able to click for live view?

Do the cameras have some sort of motion detection feature? And if so, what kind of actions can they take on motion detection?

The following article has some tips on embedding camera streams:

Alternatively, you might be able to create a Hyperlink Tile to open your Foscam app -or- create a rule to open your app on some event.

Depending on the model the foscam cameras can trigger a call back on certain events such as motion or sound detection. I know this is available on my floodlight and doorbell cameras.

If you load the foscam NVR software on a PC you will be able to access those settings on the camera.

They also have an API for doing things like getting the rtsp mpeg feeds or pulling a photo from the cameras. That gets a bit more complicated but their support has been great with supplying the information if needed.