Fire HD 8 getting hot

I’m running Fully Kiosk. My device is on a smart timer that charges it for a few hours twice a day. I’ve been away for a few days and my device is currently on bench testing so it’s just laying on a surface. I came to pick it up today and it was rather hot at the back. Also noticed that the screen was literally stuck on dim. I had to go into Kiosk Remote UI and set screen brightness to 255. I know that sharptools dashboard website is running in the background but surely it isn’t consuming a lot of resources in the background to generate that much heat? This is why if Fully Kiosk app had a way to put the website on pause white it was on screensaver that would be extra piece of mind.

I’ve had this happen before too when I use the dim setting along with the screensaver in Fully Kiosk Browser. I believe what’s happening is the screensaver gets activated with Fully Kiosk Browser and goes dim… then Fully Kiosk Browser crashes or is closed by the OS and ‘recovers’ but doesn’t remember that it was in screensaver previously so it doesn’t restore the brightness. Might be worth sending a note to the Fully Kiosk Developer to see if it’s something they might be able to improve.

I’ve found that the Amazon Fire Tablets tend to run warmer than other devices… but they especially get warm when multiple Media tiles are used… especially MJPEG feeds.

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Are you using the wrapper navigation page you showed in another thread on this tablet? If so, I wonder if you could enable the Fully Javascript interface on this device and then use a custom script on your page that uses the Fully event hooks to automatically switch which dashboard is loaded in the background.

void fully.bind('onScreensaverStart','todo();')     // ver. 1.19+
void fully.bind('onScreensaverStop','todo();')      // ver. 1.19+

For example, you could change to a placeholder dashboard with nothing on it when the screensaver became active and then change back to the dashboard you were viewing when the screensaver becomes inactive.

The blank dashboard would still be running in the background, but if it doesn’t have any tiles on it - especially no media tiles - then the Fire tablet would have less to do. :smiley:

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