Feature Request: On Load

Another Feature request from a Hubitat owner: As I have upgraded, I have not been as careful as I should have and introduced some “non-reporting” zwave switches. As a result, SharpTools does not report accurate status on physical switch changes when I load the panel (digital changes work fine). To be clear: SharpTools is NOT the issue (but maybe could be the solution). There are various easy fixes, including polling or refreshing. Here is my question: how difficult would it be to add to the rules a “When panel loads refresh devices”?

I hadn’t thought about a ‘dashboard loaded’ trigger for the rules, but I believe it could be developed. I’ll add it to the hit list… I’ll probably need to put more thought into how it would work and what other use cases there are.

Ultimately, I don’t think it would solve the issue though as the dashboard would get out of sync over time if the device is physically changed and it’s not reporting its status.

Do you not want to use the ‘polling’ approach that is recommended in the HE community?

If it’s an AC powered device can’t it just be polled?
I’d rather poll the bugger every minute or something like that.
That way everywhere this device shows up hopefully has the right information.

Just my two cents.

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