Feature Request Guidelines / FAQ

Please keep in mind the following guidelines for posting a feature request:

  • Search to see if there’s already a similar feature request
  • Keep each post limited to a single request
    • Feel free to make multiple posts
    • Prefer multiple narrowly scoped requests over a single generic request
  • Please include use cases or examples
  • Include commentary on what problem you expect the feature will solve

The same guidelines apply to commenting on and replying to existing feature requests from other members. Please feel free to enrich the original poster’s feature request with use-cases or commentary on what problem the feature would solve, but refrain from expanding upon or deviating from the original topic of the request.

If you have your own feature request which is a spin-off of the feature request you are replying to or is otherwise different from the main feature request, feel free to create your own feature request topic. If it’s related to the original poster’s request, you can always link to your new request from the original request thread. It’s important that comments on the original request stays on topic so it’s clear to others who are voting that they are voting on the main topic of each request.

It’s important that feature requests are narrowly scoped otherwise anyone can interpret it as a solution for their needs and thus the request gets upvoted fast without any real substance as to what the feature request actually is so it ultimately doesn’t get implemented since it’s so vague and fragmented.