Fastest way to access dashboards?

I’m exploring the fastest way to access all of my dashboards when navigating from a parent menu. I was thinking of creating individual iframes for each dashboard with a parent menu that would show/hide the target iframe/ dashboard… My thinking here is that the dashboard would already be loaded for each iframe so no need to refresh the url. Does anyone have a script for this? I saw the two examples below, but these examples force the target dashboard to load each time within the target contentFrame. I realize this will increase memory in my browser but I’m okay with this.

In general, I would recommend using the SharpTools iframe postMessage API to perform fast client side navigation within the embedded frame. The SharpTools web app will already be loaded, so this is effectively the same as navigating between dashboards using a dashboard tile.

It could achieve your goal of getting a structured menu that’s shared across dashboards too:

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Looks real nice. Can you share the source wrapper html/javascript/css?