Fan Tile assistance

Hi Guys,

Just Started Using sharp Tools and im in love with it, I have a Homeassistant on a Pi which has some nice features when bringing in information but its taken me years to make my dashboard that i have pretty much replicated in Sharp Tools in a day, Missing out some small items like Speed Test and my ink cartridge information.

Anyway i have a Kasa Smartplug that has a fan plugged in to it, for the life of me i cant work out what setting i need to add to smart things so it can be recognised as a Fan in Sharp tools to take advantage of the fan tile.

Thanks in Advance for your help

Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear that you are enjoying things.

The device would need to report a relevant fan capability in order to use the fan tile.

I’ve noted the feedback though - perhaps a way to have a similar spin animation for on/off switches and plugs.

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Depending on how these are presented, there may be ways to accomplish it. For the ink cartridge, if that data is reported into a supported hub, you might be able to use the Hero Attribute tile to display the data.

I suspect that there’s more to the speed test integration, but at the very least you could use a hyperlink tile to open the speed test in a pop-up, or if you have the data being integrated into a supported hub, you could display the latest speed test value using a Hero Attribute tile.

For trending historical data, if you can log it to Google Sheets, you can display a trend of it in a media tile.

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Thanks for the reply, For Smartthings do you know a device that does this as im sure i can just change that device type in IDE and should report it as that.

These 2 items are not really that important just nice to have to monitor the ping and download speed the internet is getting, im sure i can work this out but literally started using Sharptools Friday afternoon.

Both of these things i believe were just straight off the shelf integrations in Home assistant, im going to go through some of these and see if i can back engineer them in to smart tools before i wipe home Assistant off my Pi and turn it in to and Android box to run Tiny Cam Pro to feed in to Sharptools

I don’t think you can just change the device handler in this case.

The TP-Link Kasa integration with SmartThings is a cloud-to-cloud integration. So changing the device handler usually won’t have an actual effect on the device (which will likely report that it’s using a ‘placeholder’ device handler).

And the Fan Speed capability in SmartThings is quite different than the Switch capability without any direct overlap.

Thanks, So i a round about way your saying there isnt a way to make this work?

Right. Nothing straightforward at least.

You could use a virtual fan device to mirror the real device state, but there’s going to be a weird disconnect where the fan has a low, medium, and high speed whereas the switch will just have an on state.

I have noted the feedback as a potential feature enhancement though. Maybe the ability to have a spin animation for normal on/off switches.

Cheers for all your help on this.