Facebook Group Needed?


Wondering if a Facebook Group would help spread the word of this great product?


Maybe! :grinning: We participate in several of the existing home automation and SmartThings groups and try to use this site as our core community. Definitely sharing the word on other Facebook groups helps! Especially pics/vids of your dashboards.

I noticed you had shared some shots on some of the SmartThings groups. Thanks for that!


Agreed. You should have a fb page. Probably not a group but a page so that you can post there and share out. IMHO


My pleasure, thanks for all you do, this is a great product.


@Nathan_Cabe I met you on ST FB group? You were telling me about Rboy apps for locks or garage door??

Yes, a FB group well deserved. I just found this product today by accident. After previously getting frustrated with AT, & wow this is free?! Worth a donation for sure.


LOL very possible. I spend way too much time on there. Yes i use RBoy apps and they are awesome especially for mt schlage lock


I went ahead and created a new Facebook page for SharpTools! Please click the Facebook link and like the page!


About time. :roll_eyes: jk

Ha. Awesome. Joining now.