Exclude some SmartThings devices?

Can I only expose some of my SmartThings devices to SharpTools, but not all of them?

Hey A,

Used to be able to do that, but in the SmartThings transition from Groovy that capability is no longer available.

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Stan is correct. The new SmartThings APIs are “all or nothing” in that respect.

We originally considered adding an interstitial where you could filter down the devices that get synced over, but when we started really thinking about the design, we realized it was somewhat disingenuous as SharpTools would still have access to everything via the token it received even if we just synced across a subset of devices, so we backed off on it.

Other people have requested similar things from SmartThings, so we’ll see if they change it in the future.

One neat thing about SharpTools is you can pick and choose what you add to your dashboards. And if you want to share the dashboards with family members, you can use the Dashboard Sharing feature to make sure they only get access to the content on the dashboards you’ve shared with them.