Error Loading Background Image

Hi, new to Sharptools (but loving it). I was trying to leverage a custom backgroung image on my dashboard but get the following error whenever the page loads.

I’ve tried hosting it with a public link on ibb, onedrive and it appears the resource picker ok, but not on the dashboard page.

Wondering if there is an issue or I need to store it somewhere else for access. Any recommendation to hosting site I could use or other tips would be appreciated. Thx!

@Darron_Stepanich welcome to the community! I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying SharpTools!

Would you mind Private Messaging me a sample media URL that isn’t loading as a background image?

The link needs to be a direct link to the raw image. Many image hosting and file storage sites link to a landing page that shows a preview of the image rather than directly to the raw image. You can find more details in the following post:

Thanks. I used the imugr steps and hosted pics there and it was working. It wasn’t working on…not sure if there are any tricks for that site? I would prefer to use it over another spot.