Enhancement Request: Add rename Rule to the list of rule actions

As rules are now much easier to create due to the copy process (which is excellent) I find my number of rules growing. In order to keep these in some semblance of order the easiest option is to rename them and have them automatically sort in such a way as they are grouped.

While renaming a single rule is not difficult, when you have to rename 10 then the inefficiency becomes noticeable.

While I am not there yet, I can see a time when having some other mechanism such as folders or categories would make the organization of the Rules workspace more efficient. Being able to create categories such as Security, Lighting, Entertainment, Climate, Automation, Test etc and designate a rule as being in one of these categories would be a nice feature.

I could then have the categories listed along the top of the screen:
All (default, what we have today) - Automation - Climate - Entertainment - Lighting - Security
and could click on a category to filter to just that view.

Something to think about. As an example I’m thinking of making a “jukebox” using rules to play my favorite albums, podcasts, radio stations etc but that would involve making a lot of rules that would be nice to keep seperate from the others.

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you are enjoying rules so much that we need to add features to help navigate the large amount of rules you’ve created! :smiley:

We’ve received some similar feedback around identifying / grouping rules more easily in a list including color coding and icons, so it’s helpful to hear further feedback on the specific use cases.

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