Ecobee Thermostat Showing Question Mark

Recently my Ecobee thermostat tile started showing a question mark instead of a temperature reading. All other functions of the tile seem to be operating properly. Any thoughts?

Screenshot 2022-12-31 142621

I noticed this as well. Single height shows ? but the double height shows the temp.

If the thermostat doesn’t implement the thermostatSetpoint attribute, then the single height thermostat can’t determine which setpoint (heating or cooling) to display when the device is in ‘auto’ mode. You’ll need to use the double-height thermostat layout in that case.

Interestingly, it worked up until a day or so ago. I accidentally removed the SharpTools smart app from the Smart things mobile app. I removed and readded the Ecobee integration, and that’s when the question mark showed up.

I can use the double height tile if there’s no fix.


The device would have to report a thermostatSetpoint for the single-height layout to work when the device is in Auto mode. It’s possible that something changed with the device itself (eg. part of the groovy cutover)

There’s a bunch of logic in the single-height layout to try to determine a setpoint, but when the mode is auto and the thermostat is idle, there’s not a great way to guess if it should display the heating or cooling setpoint.

That’s why it’s preferred that a device either implements the thermostatSetpoint, so it can expressly indicate what it wants to display… or the double height needs to be used.

Also keep in mind that the current temperature is displayed in the footer. The main content is the setpoint

Good explanation, thanks Josh.

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Kind of off topic, but since this is about the ecobee thermostat would anyone be interested if I developed this into a custom tile? It’s already a supertile.

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Yes! I would be interested for sure.