Echo 4th gen zigby hub

Hi all, not sure if anyone has any experience of this…

if I was to buy one of the new echo speakers with the Zigby hub included what Zigby devices are compatible … eg door sensors?

if I found work to work would I then be able to say add it to the garage would I be able to create a tile on my sharptools / fullykiosk dashboard that would show when the door is opened?

thanks in advance

If that is only reason for buying the new Echo (and they are not inexpensive) there are certainly other ways to go that will be cheaper
Shelly Door/Window Sensor 2 - this requires no hub - as well as door open/closed it also has light, tilt and temp sensor! I was initially not that impressed but that has turned around 180 - after using a different means of setup and a static IP, they have been flawless. I have other Shelly devices - going to get their new motion sensor next! They connect directly to SmartThings (and/or Alexa) without any Hub Requirement - although WifI devices, they are designed to minimize battery usage by not transmitting continuously (i.e. the sensor only reports on a status change - whether that be the open or temp/light changes) - DW sensor is not cheap £22 on Amazon UK) but because requires no hub, you have that to take in account. Their products are very well supported, too.
Sonoff ZBBridge plus Door/Window Sensor - the Bridge is about £13 or so and the sensor snzb04 about £7 on AliExpress (now the ZBBridge is more picky about what sensors connect directly e.g. I got a Xiaomi Aqara sensor and it does not play nicely as-is)

cheers mate, really good advice as usual…I wasn’t aware the shelly stuff didn’t need a hub… I was thinking of getting the echo so I could I ditch the hue hub…setting up static ip…something I need to research…

The static IP in the Shelly Config is all done with their own software - I would argue it’s more a ‘reserved’ IP as opposed to a static IP - it just ensures that the Router always assigns the same local IP address on your LAN, vs DHCP potentially assigning a different random unused IP as it renews.

yeh thank you…just reading up about it…ive got a lot to learn…

sent you PM too (not sure if you’ve seen that yet)