Dynamic Tile Style for Non-Variable Tiles

I need to change a non-variable tile’s style dynamically from my smart home hub. I understand that there’s a way to set a variable dynamically with an HTTP trigger, which is great, but I don’t see any way to set a tile’s styling based on that variable unless the tile is a variable tile. Am I correct that this would need to be a new feature request, or did I miss some way to do it now?

Use case: My smart home hub (Hubitat) changes my tablet’s dashboard background with the weather, which means that the main background color changes dynamically with the weather. I’d like for my smart home hub to trigger (e.g., using the existing HTTP trigger feature) switching a tile’s coloring between black and white.

You could do it with a Super Tile as you can combine data from Things and Variables in a single tile and then access the state for any of the items used in the tile in the style mapping.

Otherwise, yes, Thing tiles can only be styled based on the content within them.

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Ah, perfect, that will work! Thanks

The only thing about this workaround, actually, is that I can’t include an HSM picker in a super tile. Any way around that?

Well, I thought of one way. I can make my own hsm selector using dashboard overlays. Bit of legwork, but I think it can be done.

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