Drop-down automatically closing while editing Hero Attribute


When trying to select the attribute drop down while ending the state of a thing. It keeps auto closing.

Tested on

Chrome and Firefox on PC, Mobile (Android)

Thanks for sharing the video. Is it only with this particular ‘Thing’ that is shown in the video? Or only when editing Hero Attributes on this particular dashboard / Theme?

I’m not able to reproduce, so I’m trying to figure out what’s unique with this configuration.

It’s affecting my whole dashboard. Not just that Thing

@josh I have started recreating the dashboard starting from scratch and the problem is still present.

Thanks for the update. Can you clarify what you mean by recreated? Ideally, we want a minimum reproducible example – in other words, the fewest factors involved in reproducing the issue.

Do you mean you created a brand new dashboard with a single tile on it (no Theme selected, no customizations to the dashboard settings, etc) and you can reproduce it with any Thing added to that dashboard? Or only specific types of Things?

I made a new dashboard.

Added a Thing (Switch).

Changed layout to hero attribute.

Select Edit.

Select Style

Click Style State

Click Add State

Click Attribute drop down.

Dropdown menu auto closes

Hope that is simple enough.

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It does seem simple enough, but I haven’t been able to reproduce.



Same process… But with issue.


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Thanks for the additional details. I’ll take a closer look and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

It now appears to have cleared it’s self up.

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