Disturbing amount of data usage

I recently looked at my data usage and I notice sharptools in the period of 20 days used 1.25GB of mobile data… Is this normal? Only using it in tasker to detect when a sensor is open and shut.

That would be a disturbing amount of data!

Where is the data usage being reported? And how do you have Tasker setup to check for the sensor status (eg. are you polling or using the Thing State event along with a subscription)?

Edit: For reference, SharpTools on my phone has used 212 kB in the past month. And 5.81 MB since February.

Here are some screenshots.

Thanks for the screenshots. I noticed that you have several different Tasker projects. I would be looking for any places where SharpTools might be being used - especially in a loop. I’ve seen several cases where an endless loop was accidentally setup causing constant network access.

Can you send me you SharpTools logs?

I enabled logging and will send something after it has had a chance to log some data

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing what the logs tell us.