Display HTML in Tile

Hi @Josh, I’ve created an HTML table that is stored in a device attribute as shown below.

It displays correctly in a Hubitat Dashboard tile but I’m unable to get it to display in Sharptools.

I did find the Hubitat HTML Attribute Display tile but it seems like an awkward workaround having to setup the Maker API in order to access an attribute that is already present on the SharpTools platform. I’m hoping this method might have been superseded and I just can’t find it.

I can always spit out unformatted vanilla text for Sharptools but as a rule I expect Sharptools to be prettier than Dashboards and this would certainly be the opposite.

This is the way to handle this in SharpTools.

Rendering arbitrary HTML is a security risk which is why the standard tiles don’t allow it. The Custom Tiles run in a sandboxed context to avoid the security issues that would otherwise apply with rendering arbitrary HTML.

I thought that might be the case. But why do you need the overhead of the Maker API in order to sandbox the content?

We originally built Custom Tiles with the intention of being able to integrate external data (data from other external APIs).

I thought other people mentioned the desire to access device data directly in Custom Tiles, but when I searched the Feature Requests category I only found this request for Accessing Variables in a Custom Tile.

Feel free to create a feature request for it. :slight_smile: