Dimmer schwitch

Hello i am looking for dimmer schwitch like on picture.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Peter_Lego!

The default tile for dimmer devices shows the dim percentage in the bottom-right corner of the tile. You can either long-press on the tile or tap the percentage in the bottom right corner to open a dimmer pop-up.

You can also adjust the tile settings to have it show the dimmer anytime the tile is tapped (rather than just on a long-press):


Do these options help or are you looking for a tile where you could directly dim the device without having to open a pop-up?

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oh yes. i am looking for tile to derecly dim device.

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Maybe change color direcly with slide tile. no pop up.

Would love to see both of those features with Sharp Tools: sliders and variables.

It’s definitely a deciding factor in which dashboard provider I go with. My use case is that I have a set of 6 dimming and temp controllable smart bulbs being managed by three simulated switches. One is for on/off, one for dimming and one for temp.

Another other option in the mean time is to use separate tiles for raising and lowering the values, i.e. dim up, dim down, temp up and temp down, and then one switch. This is far more cumbersome to code on the back end and to set up on the dashboard.

What would also be very helpful here is being able to assign variables, taking values from switches (simulated or otherwise) and assigning them to smart bulb features.

Thanks for the feedback, @Jason_Gabler! They’re both on our hit list, so we appreciated you voicing your opinion as community feedback and the level of interest in various feature requests is a key part of how we prioritize things.

Are you using SmartThings or Hubitat?

Hubitat has a concept of Groups which can control multiple devices at once. The groups in Hubitat can also create a virtual device that acts as a proxy for the real devices in the group and you can then add that single virtual device to your dashboard and get full control over on/off, level, and color all from a single tile:


Toward the end of 2019, SmartThings started rolling out something similar to this called Lighting Groups. Unfortunately, they haven’t integrated Lighting Groups into other parts of SmartThings (like Custom Automations) nor have they exposed them to Alexa, SharpTools, etc. In other words, the SmartThings Lighting groups are currently only for manual control directly within the SmartThings app at the moment.

That being said, people have taken other approaches like using a virtual switch along with either the ‘Dim with Me’ SmartApp or the mirror function in the Smart Lighting SmartApp.

Edit: The following wiki article might be helpful:

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I’m using SmartThings (and webCoRe). Yes, I have noticed the unfortunately limited availability of lighting groups. Had it been more available to other features within SmartThings, I would not have to create so many actions in my Sharp Tools’ rules. What’s been nice in webCoRe is that it’s very easy to list multiple devices in a single rule. (I.e. create an action, and just check all desired “with” devices. This is instead of creating an action for each device.) You might want to consider that as a grouping alternative for Sharp Tools due to the last of SmartApp access to Lighting Groups. I like the greater simplicity of SharpTools’ UI as opposed to webCoRe’s more dev-like interface, but it does give you more detailed access and flexibility. My goal is to try to consolidate on one platform/SmartApp. We
can all dream :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions and further reading.


+1 for dimmer switch integration on the tile itself. It is the one feature that I truly love from Openhab’s Habpanel, that I love and wish was in here.

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@Jason_Gabler, we have rolled out the Variables support to both the Dashboard and Rule Engine today. You can now assign device attribute values to a variable and use the variable as the argument when sending a command to a device. ex: Set bulb level to $variableLevel.

See the post below for more details, and thanks for your feedback. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for calling this to my attention, James!

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