DIfference between on-screen navigation and loading page?

Good morning,

I’ve been working on a washing machine integration all day, and I have everything working.
But something is bothering me that I noticed in my “return to home” portion of my pool light setup:

When you click a dashboard tile on a dashboard, or a back or forward button, the transitions are quick and seamless. No evidence it’s loading–it just makes a graceful transition. On the other hand, when you send a command for a certain page to load, it reloads the site, the blue bar up top, loads the dashboard in, then slides the blue bar up off the page. There are loading circles, delays, etc.

Why the difference? I have noticed that, despite the page seeming to just “change” rather than reload a new one, the browser does in fact show that it has loaded a new page. So what I’d love is if there’s a way to load a page (through the Fully Kiosk Remote Admin/Rule Machine, for example) with the seamless transitions.

The project I’ve created here uses IFTTT to trigger rule machine to load a custom dashboard in Fully, which shows the current status of my washer and dryer, and speaks the status of whichever just changed. I’m using Sharptools rules and variables to make a very informative dashboard, but I just wish it would load a bit more gracefully.

Likewise, after it has been displayed for a minute (just as a visual notification screen), I have it auto-reloading the start URL, my main dashboard. This load is suffering the same roughness.

Hope i’m making sense–it’s been a long day.

I’ve uploaded a little movie here to illustrate what I’m talking about:

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When navigating within SharpTools, we can do the fancy client side routing that results in the fast and smooth transitions.

When you navigate via Fully Kiosk Browser API it’s equivalent to loading the page fresh, so it has to load the ‘app’ first. I don’t know of a way to inject a JavaScript command dynamically via Fully Kiosk Browser API otherwise you might have been able to use our postMessage API.

Ah! Well, that page you linked describes EXACTLY what I was talking about, huh!

I know juuust enough about this stuff to have figured it’s something along those lines, but I appreciate the explanation. I had already been thinking it would be nice to somehow be able to simulate a screen touch or something, or bring the dashboard up in a modal, etc, considering it’s really just a 10ft notification screen more than an interactive dash, for now at least.

Long shot: nothing in here would be of any use to poke around in?

My wife is nonplussed about the laundry notifications being back, btw. :joy:

I used to use a Samsung contact/vibration sensor and a peanut plug on our old washer/dryer with some semi-complex RM rules set up to do voice notifications. Then when I got GE smart washer/dryer, ironically, I have been unable until yesterday to get it integrated into my system. She had no idea what I was working on, but the first time she heard that voice today, she was like, “UH-UH.” :joy:

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Hi @Ricky_Turner just a heads up that I figured out a way to perform fast client-side navigation even using the loadURL command of the Fully Kiosk Browser DTH - you can find more details here:

PS. It uses the postMessage API that I mentioned to above. :sunglasses:


This is gonna be great! Thank you!