Devices Disappearing

So, I am having issues with half of my devices just disappearing all of a sudden frequently over the past few days. It seems that when I save the app in Hubitat, it doesn’t recognize all of the devices for categories that weren’t modified. The only way to get everything to work is to add/remove something from every group.
This is what one of my dashboards looks like. All of these devices are authorized in Hubitat but don’t show up in my device picker.

Have you authorized any new devices recently? The Hubitat-SharpTools device synchronization process is paginated and we’ve seen cases where either a hub was overloaded or a specific device driver caused issues with the authorization. In your case, this would mean the first few ‘pages’ are getting through but the final pages are intermittently failing. The tricky part in troubleshooting can be that the hub is just at the edge of being overloaded so the synchronization process will work sometimes and not others.

If you want to PM me or shoot a note to, I’m happy to look at it more closely with you. :grinning:

It was my Ecobee Thermostat for some reason. Took that and everything showed up perfectly. Funny thing, that’s been on there forever.

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