Device Grouping

Is there an easier way to group devices now? I did it a while ago using the rule engine but it seemed very complicated just to get more than one device to turn off/on with one tile.

Are you on SmartThings or Hubitat? I don’t personally use it, but there are ‘Follow Me’ apps for lighting where you can set one light as the leader and other lights will follow the leader.

I’m on SmartThings. It’s just that I’m setting up the Christmas lights. They’re on Samsung smart plugs. It would be nice to have one tile that switches them all off. I’ve done it with some lights in the kitchen using the SharpTools rule engine but, as I say, it seems like a complicated way of doing something.

I thought I might be able to do it with a virtual switch in ST and then use that to control multiple devices but it does weird things in SharpTools. If I click the tile then the lights come on. The tile shows as on but then switches to off a few seconds later but the lights stay on. I then have to click the tile twice to get it to do what I want.

Which device type handler are you using for the Virtual Switch? That sounds like a Virtual Momentary Switch.