Description field for http action

Currently, when viewing rules that contain HTTP actions, there is no easy way to describe or identify what the URL actually does.

Adding an optional field to describe the URL would help when dealing with multiple HTTP actions in a rule.

Right now, I grab part of the URL’s key and have to go through process of elimination to compare with target URLs to find out which is which.

Thanks for the feedback, @amphiprion - don’t forget to scroll up and cast a vote on your own feature request. :slight_smile:

I wonder if having a generic ‘note’ type of field would be helpful on other rule actions as well? It seems like HTTP Actions seem to be the most common requesting a note directly on the action itself.

The other type of request I’ve seen is having a note as a generic action / card within a rule. From what I gather, the idea would be you would add it like any other card/action in your rule and it would just be for displaying a note while editing and wouldn’t actually perform any action in the rule itself.

So the way I see it, there are three similar requests I’ve seen:

  1. Ability to add a note / label to an HTTP action (this request)
  2. Ability to add a note to any existing rule action / card
  3. Ability to add a dedicate Note Card to a rule as part of the flow

I don’t mean to distract from your original request, but just wanted to better understand the use-case and if one of the more general approaches with 2 or 3 might work? In which case, they might be applicable to the broader Rule Engine rather than specific to HTTP Actions.

Tagging @Mike_Allen as you had opened up a discussion on a similar topic, so I figured you might want to cast a vote on this Feature Request.

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The approach for 2 (add an optional note to any existing rule action or card) sounds like a better overall solution that covers all the use cases.

3 not so much, since the note card would be independent of the action, when actions are moved around they can be decoupled from the original context.

Thanks for the tip on voting for my own request :slight_smile: done!