Dashboard titles

Is there a way to show dashboard titles like ActionTiles does.

You can add Label tiles to your dashboard and style them as you like. It’s under the ‘Other’ section.


Yes, but is there a way that it doesn’t take up a full tile height.

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I would like to add a picture from my IPhone, but, I do not know how.

You can upload the image to Google Photos or Imgur, create a Media Resource, and add this media to the dashboard as a media tile. See below for the detailed steps:

I think we have a communication problem. I want to send a picture of an ActionTiles panel showing a panel tile title. I want to know how to add that picture to this message

You can use a smaller font for the label. And you can use a smaller base tile size for your dashboard and then increase the dimensions of each of your ‘normal’ tiles. This give you a lot more flexibility with sizing and placement of tiles and let’s you have extra small tiles for things like labels and spacers.

You could probably do this with the Custom CSS if you’re just looking for a single small label for a dashboard and you don’t want to use the above options.

I’m aware of how AT tileset labels look, but if you’re still looking to share a photo, you can just paste an image in when you are drafting a response on a computer or you can tap the image upload button in the bottom right when drafting a reply.

But the tile takes up a whole row. Below is a photo of an ActionTiles panel with the panel label above the panel (Bedroom). This is what I would like to do in SharpTools. It doesn’t take up any room.


Is this something that can be done?

You can approximate it with the steps mentioned in the reply above – otherwise you could create a feature request for it if one doesn’t already exist.