Dashboard that uses "shapes" instead of "tiles"

Hi there - I wonder, is it possible to create a dashboard that uses images (SVG, PNG or etc.) that can other shapes than the square “tile” type?

Im thinking of using pictures of a lightbulb, but I dont want a big square box around it, but only the bulb it self visible and click-able.

Its mostly for aesthetic reasons, since it will look good with my background.


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, @Martin_Egsdal!

Currently, the closest thing you could do would be to use a transparent tile color. The tiles have a slight shadow effect around them which would leave a bit of a bordered tile look, so I understand that this wouldn’t exactly accomplish what you are looking for, but I wanted to throw it out there as an option.

Can you clarify how you would expect to use images instead of tiles? Do you mean completely replace the tile with an image? Including dropping the icon, label, footer, etc. and replace it with an image?

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Thank you for the reply.

My intend is to use a 3D model of my appartment I have as a background image, and then “anitmate” an “icon” for each smart device I have in the location it is on the “background image”

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