Dashboard Not updating Status

I noticed recently that my Dashboards are not updating properly when I trigger devices. Some devices seem to get stuck in the “on” position. I am using SharpTools with a Hubitat.

Thanks for posting and sorry that things aren’t working as expected. What do your Hubitat logs report (for the SharpTools HE App) when you control a device?

Are you on Hubitat Firmware and have you tried reauthorizing your devices?

I am on and I have not tried that, I will reauthorize the devices.

I see no errors in the logs, just that the event data successfully posted.

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If the correct event data is posting, then they shouldn’t be getting stuck. I was thinking that maybe the API key didn’t get pushed down to your hub and events weren’t posting properly which would have shown up as an error in the Hubitat Hub logs. Is it a particular type of the device which isn’t updating the status (eg. The ones getting stuck ‘on’)?

I reauthorized the devices and it seems better, but I will need to give it time to see if the devices get stuck again. It was not all devices either.

I’ve been noticing that a virtual switch that I’ve been using is not updating in the dashboard very quickly. I haven’t counted, but I’d say it’s taking 20 seconds or better. A phone charging triggers a virtual switch in smarthings that then translates over to Hubitat. Sharptools is flipping the switch quickly and it’s updating in hubitat, but it’s not updating the sharptools dashboard very quickly at all. I’ve reauthorized all of my things with Josh’s help earlier.

I am having issues with the dashboard not updating status. I tried re-authorizing and refreshing the devices from both Sharptools and Hubitat. But devices still are showing up as “on” but are really not. If I touch the tile it will go off and then I can turn the device on/off and it will report status. Just looks like devices are getting stuck for some reason.

What kind of devices are they? And does the status in SharpTools match the Hubitat administration UI?

When I switched some of my older Z-wave devices over to Hubitat, I noticed that they frequently wouldn’t update their status. If I open up the Hubitat admin UI and look at the device, it would still think it was ‘on’ when it was actually ‘off’ and vice-a-versa. The solution noted on the HE community is to use the HE Rule Machine to ‘poll’ / ‘refresh’ the devices to get the latest status - apparently something to do with a Lutron patent for instant reporting which has since expired and new devices are no longer subject to.

Similarly, I had a Cree bulb which I setup pretty early on in Hubitat and it frequently was reporting the wrong state. When I checked the HE admin UI, I noticed the driver indicated something about ‘legacy’ or ‘deprecated’ so I updated it to a new generic Zigbee Bulb driver and it has been much more consistent with reporting its status.

At first I didn’t see much of a pattern but after looking closer I wonder if it has to do with the way my devices are setup in HE. So I have been adding the “Alexa” virtual device that is automatically created for each dimmer to Sharptools as the device tile instead of the dimmer itself. At first I didn’t think this was the issue because I also had Cree bulbs that were stuck on, but now you also stated that you have seen this problem with these bulbs.

Now I suspect that because I am using the virtual “Alexa” device that is created by HE that Sharptools is not getting the instant status updates. Because my Leviton Z-wave Plus dimmer’s do support instant status.

Also in HE the status does report correctly and updates instantly.

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The Alexa virtual device is authorized and it updates status to properly reflect the on/off status in HE (to match the real device in HE)? Have you watched the HE logs to see if these devices seem to be reporting status to SharpTools when you control them?

As you alluded to, you might try authorizing the switches directly and see if they update status correctly.

I do see an event in the log when I turn on/off the virtual dimmer. Both from HE and the Sharptools tile show an event.

Yeah I think this may be the next best step.