Dashboard keeps zooming after app popup

I am using a sharptools web dashboard on android in fully browser to show in full screen.
The browser initially shows the app as expected.

I have AutomateIt set to display my Ring App in full screen when motion is detected and then return back to fully. However after each time this happens to dashboard appears to zoom in.

Prior to sharptools I was using actiontiles and then Hubitat’s own builtin dashboards and this didn’t happen on those so thinking it must be down to my sharptools config somehow. Any ideas where to start with this?

Hi @PhilWolf, welcome to SharpTools. Can you post a screenshot so we can see how it is zoomed in? Any change in Fully before and after you switched to SharpTools dashboard?

Attached are two photos, showing normal and zoomed view.
I have turned off web zooming in Fully. Also using other dashboards this wasn’t an issue.

For now I have found a workaround by reloading the dashboard each hour in Fully. Not ideal but it works for now…

Thanks for sharing, @PhilWolf. I’ll see if I can reproduce and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

If I’m unable to reproduce, I may need some more details including the specific make/model device you are experiencing this on and perhaps an export of your Fully Kiosk Browser settings.

Sure no problem, I’m using a Galaxy Tab S currently.
I will try the same config on another device when I get chance… I have a few busy weekends coming up and that usually is my tinkering time!

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Just an update that I have not been able to reproduce the issue.

See below for a video showing the test I ran on a Fire HD 8 running Fully Kiosk Browser. I used AutomateIt to open an app (Calendar) when the USB cable was plugged in to simulate your Ring App being opened whenever the notification is received. Regardless of if I just press the back button to exit back to Fully or use the app switcher or other methods, I haven’t been able to trigger any weird zooming.

I poked around with various Fully Kiosk Browser settings and retried this a variety of different ways, but I wasn’t able to reproduce.

Have you had a chance to try this on another device? Even your phone? I’m curious if you can reproduce it elsewhere or if it’s limited to this device (or something about this device’s setup).

Edit: We made a few minor tweaks to the beta release of SharpTools.io that improves returning to a dashboard from other parts of the SharpTools app. I don’t think that would fix this issue, but I’d be happy to add you to the beta if you’d like to try it.