Dashboard background image not showing anymore

For some reason my background image isn’t showing on my dashboard on my tablet it shows on my laptop but not tablet.

Is it one of the built in backgrounds or a custom background? If it’s custom, where is it hosted?

It’s hosted on my Google drive. The only thing I did was change my Google password. Do I need to recreate links?

That’s probably the first place I would start.

If you copied the link to the image while you were signed in and viewing a preview of it, then it might be an authenticated link.

You might try the following steps to get a raw direct link to the image.

Google Drive

For Google Drive it’s a bit more complicated, but there are a bunch of sites online that will convert the URL for you. (eg. https://www.gdirect.link/ )

When you get the shareable URL, it will be in the following format where XXXXX is the document ID:


It needs to be in the format:


Another user mentioned that resizing their images helped: