Current Temperature

I’m using the (Mini) Custom Weather Tile.

It works great but I would like a simple “Current Temperature” feed, ideally to be able to incorporate into a Super Tile.

Any solutions lfor a rather inept programer but a over of SharpTools functionality?

Inept at typing too; lover of functionality of SharpTools.

Can you clarify what you mean by a Current Temperature feed? Do you mean you want to see a trend line chart of the temperature values? Or you want to be able to access the single current temperature value directly in a Super Tile?


My apologies for not being clear.

Two things:

  1. You have outed me for being Canadian with “C” rather than “F” degrees.
  2. The screen is for bed table Clock tablet where less is more.

The screen shots have a variety of alarms in red when on but are discrete when off. There are current two temperatures, 22oM (Master Bedroom) & 24oK (Kitchen). We would like to add 9oO (Outside).

The alarms are fountains left on, gate left open and there will be others.

Bed Left and Bed Right are switch tiles.

We want to add the current outside temperature (yellow arrow). The two existing temperatures come from Ecobee thermostats placed in a Super Tile. If it is difficult to get the outside temperature in a Super Tile, it can be a Custom Tile.

Hope this helps.

Some people are using rules to periodically query the Open Weather API so they can store the value in a variable. For reference, Open Weather is same source as the Custom Tile from your original screenshot.

It’s a bit more technical approach, but several people in that thread shared examples and have been very helpful answering questions. :slight_smile:

Hi Richard-

If you are going to go with Open Weather, you would just need this: $

Would it not be easier to put a Z-Wave temperature sensor outside in a protected location and just pull the outside temperature from that?

It would be instant as the trigger could be on updates…

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Hey Josh, Hoping you can help me out! It seems pretty straight forward but when I try to pull the current temp from Open Weather and dump it into a variable, I keep getting a value of 0. Below is a snapshot of what I’m doing, any tips?

What happened when you opened the API URL directly in your browser? There’s often a several hour window after you first sign up and create an API key before it becomes valid with Open Weather.

I would also make sure you’ve taken a look at the Troubleshooting HTTP Actions help article as it covers this exact use case:

I’m also copying your URL that I transcribed into text format so I don’t have to transcribe it again in the future. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::pinching_hand:{your-token}

Learned something new, thanks Josh! I had signed up for the basic plan but not the One Call 3.0 plan. Once I signed up for that, everything works. Thank you!

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Thanks for you suggestion and I apologize for my late follow-up, I was out of the country and just catching up on the hobby side of life. Some sort of WiFi outdoor thermostat would be ideal. I did some research before my trip and again over the last couple of days. My problem is finding a unit which can operate below -10C (14F). Being in Canada, minimum -10C (14F) functionality won’t work for us.

If my Google searching has missed an outdoor unit with functionality to -40C/F, I would be gratefull hearing about it from the community.

Thanks again for your suggestion.



Hey Richard!

I guess I missed where you said you wanted WIFI.

I don’t use WIFI, I use Zwave.

You might want to consider a personal weather station like this.

They work to minus 40. A better option might be a new zip code… Brrrrr…

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JKB, thanks for your quick reply, and the link. I haven’t used Z-Wave but for a slick solution, I’m not opposed to putting a hub into the mix. As i mentioned, getting a Z-Wave unit with functionality below -10C/14F is issue.

If the Z-Wave thermometer ties into ST, life is easy.

Changing zip codes with stationary grandchildren are issues with some Grandmas!

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I hear ya. Same boat!!! Just not -40.