Creating Light groups

How does one create groups so for example being able to have a tile for kitchen to control 10 hue lights simultaneously, color dimming, on and off?

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Are your Hue devices connected through SmartThings or Hubitat?

With Hubitat, you can control Hue Groups directly.

SmartThings only exposes the individual lights, so if you control multiple individual lights from a rule you might experience a bit of popcorn effect (each light turning on slightly after the next). For controlling Hue groups in SmartThings, most people like to use the Hue B Smart community developed integration.

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Hi Josh I’m using smartthings

Thanks for the additional details, @Michael_Dworkin!

Native Hue Groups (Community Integration)

If you want to use the native Hue groups and have a smooth experience where the lights all turn on together, you’ll want to check out one of the community developed integrations that supports Hue groups. It looks like Hue B Smart is a popular community integration that exposes Hue groups.

Individual Bulbs (and ‘Popcorn Effect’)

Unfortunately, the official SmartThings integration only exposes the individual bulbs / lights and doesn’t expose the native Hue groups. You could control multiple of the individual lights using any of the available automation options in SmartThings, but you’ll likely experience some level of popcorn effect - each light turning on slightly after the other rather than all at once.

Some of the automation options include Custom Automations, Scenes, Routines (Classic), or Rule Engine.

Routines and SharpTools Rules can be run directly from your dashboard. Custom Automations or Scenes can be triggered via a Virtual Switch.


Hey Josh,
I have the same problem. I have 4 bulbs in the kitchen.
Could you pls explain how I can solve this problem using available automation options in order to turn on and off all bulbs at once?
Thank you very much in advance

Hi @Serge - is this on SmartThings and Philips Hue bulbs?

Philips hue bulbs with philips hue bridge on smart things.

Have you tried the Hue B Smart integration linked above?

Unfortunately not. I didn’t understand it at all. Is it an app for smart phone? Should I install it on my phone? Suppose that works how can I link this app to smartthings and sharptools?

Unfortunately I wan’t able to find this app by Google Play Store. Any idea where can I find it?

I downloaded the zip file with this app. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me integrate/install this app in sharptools.

The Hue B Smart integration is a community developed SmartThings integration. It’s linked just one post up from your original reply, but I’ve quoted it again here for your convenience.

You can find more details in the aforementioned community post linked immediately above. You might also find the following general reference on installing community developed SmartThings integrations helpful as it looks like the Hue B Smart post doesn’t include many details around how to install the integration:

If you need help with the integration, the best place to get support is in the Hue B Smart thread in the SmartThings Community linked above. Once the integration is set up, it creates devices in SmartThings that you can authorize like normal in SharpTools.

Edit: I don’t personally use this integration, but it appears to be popular within the SmartThings community. I would also note that SmartThings indicated that native Phillips Hue group support is on their hit list, but they haven’t provided any time line on it.

Thank you very much for your help. It is too complicated for me. There are no manuals for it where you can do it step by step. You have to learn it by reading hundreds or thousands of postings. I have to wait for SmartThings solution.
Honestly, I am very disappointed and had to realize that all of these solutions are only for the hobbyists and are only semi-solutions. I wanted SmartHome to control the position of my blinds - blinds (or shades) can be opened, closed, stoped, or moved to specific percent position, but open or close doesn’t exist in any kind of controller (all producers tried), I wanted switching off Philips Hue lights from at the same time - popcorn effect and so on. All just toys.
Thanks anyway for your help.

Off-topic: Maybe you can recommend a SmartHome system, which works well? I have no budget restrictions, I only want the best on the market.
I have already spent a few thousand euros to test some producers. Unfortunately without luck.
Thank you very much in advance.
PS. I have a big house: about 40 windows, a lot of lights, 3 floors et cetera.

Ever find anything that worked seamlessly? As I am having some of the same issues and just want something that does it all

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