Creating array of varriables + Writing a loop routine in rule

Is it possible to create an array of variables:
array of text a[15],
integer pointer i,
Photo text variable.
For example, 15 images will be stored in the a[15] array.
In rule, write a loop in which the pointer ‘i’ will increase between 0-14. with each vote photo=a[i]
This is an example of a routine in which different images will be shown. In the same way, perhaps it is possible to produce an array of dashboards, etc.

Sort of and it depends on your use case. For example, the expressions feature in rules natively supports defining variables inline and then you can use the various array functions to manipulate and consume the array.



And while there’s not a native ‘Array’ variable type, you can encode an array to JSON to store it in a Text variable and then decode it within an expression as needed.

Some example threads showing neat array features:

I would reiterate that the documentation is the best source for the available functions. The above threads just show some real life examples, but require a bit more effort to understand the context of what’s being demonstrated.