Create a Rule to Toggle two actions on a common Tile

Is there a way to create a rule that allows the following scenario:

  • Hubitat platform

  • DENON HEOS Integration Driver and App

  • Creating a rule to do the following:

  • Create a Toggle to Mute and Unmute as a single rule that creates a single tile in my dashboard

I see that I can create the flow to enable one or the other as an option, but I dont see how I can enable a action to toggle between 2 actions (MUTE, UNMUTE) given those as distinct options in the attributes carried over from Hubitat discovery.

Thanks again for the support

@supergolfstick, you can add an if condition in the rule flow to check the current’s mute status, and execute mute or unmute accordingly. See the example below.

Thanks. That did the trick. Are there any how to of knowledge of rules that you have pulled together or has been aggregated from others that can be looked at as examples to work through not only simple rules but complex ones that can be adopted. Thanks

@supergolfstick, you can find the Rule Engine Intro with a helpful walk-through video made by @Justin_Newbury from Simply Smart YouTube channel in the article below. :grinning: