Constant power... Is it safe?

So, got my tablet wall mounted and have it connected to the power, is this ok? Will it cause issues?
An I just worrying over nothing ?

How do you have power run to it?

Lots of people have power running to their tablets 24/7, including me, and haven’t had any issues with it. It is a reasonable thing to be concerned about though - it’s your home after all!

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Just a standard usb lead running, same as if having my phone on charge all day everyday, was just something that flicked through my head lol and thought best ask!

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Electronics can fail… especially when they get really old, so some people do take precautions like only having the charger run periodically - for example with a smart plug that only turns on at certain times.

In my setup, I just have it constantly connected to power. :man_shrugging:

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haha quick reply McFly they call me! (Nickname is McFly… realise that makes no sense here as my user name isnt mcfly!)
TBF I can access the power very easily so will just turn on and off periodically for safety!
But thank you.

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I have mine on 24/7 (plugged in of course).
It will shorten its life (as noted). (I use old recycled devices)
But it shouldn’t be a problem (less the hardware has seen problems).

I don’t think perma mounting it is a great idea, since you will have to replace it sooner.
It should also have some air around it to keep it cooler.

I also don’t have my screen on unless I’m interacting with it, so it does not get as hot if it were on all the time as well.

Otherwise, plugged in, screen off should be fine.

If it’s wall mounted you could setup “proximity” to turn on when you’re near it and off with no movement.

I use mine as a second computer for nearly all my in home tasker commands, on a local ip for security, so it’s a work horse!


It’s currently sat by the wall near the front door as its main function is arming and disarming the alarm.
I loike the idea of turning screen on with proxy, is there an app for that? How do I set that up?
Thanks for input.

I have a motion sensor by the front door, can I set that up some way to make the screen come alive…? As agree. It doesn’t need to sit on while no one is home.

I didn’t notice which tablet you are using, but on android & amazon kindle fire the Fully browser is popular. It can use the tablet camera to control the screen.


If you are using the app Fully Kiosk Browser, it has a built-in REST API that can be called from SmartThings or Hubitat. I was originally recommending people do this by creating a Virtual HTTP Switch using code from the ST community and then have it call the relevant Fully Kiosk API:

//use the screensaver features on Amazon Devices to avoid ads on the lockscreen

//you can use the screen on/off features on regular Android devices if you like to keep your screen off

There’s now a community developed Fully Kiosk Browser integration for SmartThings and Hubitat that some people prefer:

Personally, I still think the Virtual HTTP Switch approach is simple enough for most use cases and the beauty of it is that because the device is exposed as a switch, it’s easy to use anywhere (eg. dashboards, rules/automations, etc).

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Wow that is awesome!! Will get that set up as well!! Loving this!!!

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