Cielo Breez Screen Lock via Sharptools

Hello. I am trying to integrate sharptools to fully control Cielo Breez Wi-Fi Mini split thermostat.

I want to be able to disable control from the thermostat using Sharptools. Cielowingle support indicates that it can be configured via their homepage which is true. Any suggestions

Cielo homepage

Thank you

What smart home hub do you have your Cielo Breez connected to?

Did they indicate if that setting can be controlled via API? Depending on what hub you use and if their API allows for it, it would need to be exposed within the device driver for your hub.

Hi Josh, thank you for your feedback. My Cielo Breez is connected to Smartthings. It is also linked to Alexa.
I will get contact them regarding the control via API.

I found out they have open API via
New territory for me. Appreciate any ideas on how to start

Will contact them about this message on their account

“This team hasn’t made any of their work public. You can search for more workspaces, collections or APIs on the Public API Network”
Thank you

Do you have a link directly to their open APIs?

Or that’s why you’re contacting them since you are getting the “This team hasn’t made any of their work public” message somewhere?

Happy 2023… I am contacting them regarding the fact that their work hasn’t made any work public. Thank you

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