"Changes to" is not an option inside an IF statement?


I am very new to SharpTools. Trying to move my rules over from WebCore.

I am trying to make a Rule for when “Virtual Switch” Changes to On, and it’s after Sunset, Turn a Light On.

I can’t seem to see how to do this… If I add the Virtual Switch to a Trigger I can select “Changes to”… If I add Time to a Trigger I can Select Sunset…
But if I add either of those two options under an IF statement, I can not choose “Changes To” or “Sunset”…

I see the condition section says if ANY of the triggers are met it will execute… I need BOTH to be met…

Is this possible? Am I overthinking something?
Seems like this would be a common statement.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

Sounds like you’re almost there.

  • Triggers occur when any of the triggering events happen
  • Conditions restrict the rule flow

As for the difference in language between triggers and conditions, this is basically the difference between events and states. When a value triggers a rule, we say that the value ‘changed’. Whereas when we check the current value of a device, we say that it currently ‘is’ that value. Otherwise, they’re both equality checks.

So in your case, I suspect your rule would look something like the following:

For selecting the Sunset in a condition, you can tap it in the picker that comes up:


Thank You…
So easy… I tried it that way, but I never clicked on Time, Because I was looking for the Sunrise & Sunset buttons… Like it is in the Triggers section…

Thanks again,
Great Explanation

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