Can't find routines of smartthings in sharptools for android

I’m using tasker and smartthings, and recently sharptools for android.
I have connected my smartthings account, and then now can find my devices in Things tab.
But there is no any routines in “routines” tab, although i have added some routines in Smartthings Classic app.

What should I do?

In addition,
eventually, I want to control my devices from tasker to smarthings, with executing “Mode” made in Smartthings Classic. But It seems that there is no panel for “mode” in Sharptools for Android.
Is there any solutions?
What can I do?


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

SmartThings deprecated routines in favor of scenes. The API being used doesn’t provide access to scenes directly, but you can use a virtual switch or simulated switch to trigger scenes:

I’m not sure I follow the question about modes. There is a Modes section within the app, Tasker plugins, and widgets.

Edit: be sure to take a look at as well. If you don’t have a specific dependency on something from your phone (eg. via Tasker), automations in the Rule Engine might be a better fit. :grin: