Cannot add Hyperlink

How do we add new/edit hyperlinks? Unlike Adding Media, when I click add, I do not see a way to add it. Also, the hyperlink, once added has no way to delete the hyperlink (I had an old one from a while ago).

Tap your profile image in the top-right navigation bar and choose Manage Hyperlinks.

That’s a good point that we need the option to create new Hyperlinks while in the Add Item menu though!

What kind of device are you editing the dashboard on? I can’t reproduce the issue with the tile menu shown in your first picture. Is that menu scrollable for you where Delete would be below Copy after scrolling?

Edit: I remembered that you have your tiles set to be pretty small. The menu is bounded within the tile at this point and since the custom tile size is pretty small it is making the menu small. You should be able to use the scroll wheel on a mouse to scroll the menu (on mobile it will probably try to move the tile though :flushed:). I’ll see if we can improve this.

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