Can Tablet Model be Determined?

I would like a rule to run in one manner if running on a Fire Tablet, and in another manner if running on an Echo Show.

I don’t believe there’s a way to determine the tablet model, but please tell me if I’m wrong.

You can duplicate your dashboard with a different name and use the dashboard ID as a context variable to determine which tabket it came from.


Thanks! A brilliant idea.

However I’ve not been able to figure out how to extract the dashboard ID. I can determine that the event was from a dashboard, but not which dashboard. I would be grateful if you could push me in the right direction!

I believe the dashboard ID is the set of letters in the URL when you open it. Or you could just use the name you gave the dashboard.

To select it, set the If condition, variable, at the top select context variable, event, dashboard rule tile event.

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Thanks again.

I have the dashboard IDs - just can’t figure out how to get at them in the rule.

I’ll play with it more, and shout if I need more help - or shout louder if I figure it out!


Just didn’t figure it would be a dashboard rule tile event. Was looking at all the other options.

Pretty cool - the software even drops down a list of dashboard IDs for you!

Many thanks!


I don’t know your specific rule, so difficult to say.

In your flow start with If condition, select variable, context variable, event, dashboard, rule ID.
Then you can select is or is not in the drop down menu, next drop down menu offers all your dashboard ID’s.

If you only use 2 dashboards and the rule is not triggered by any other method, you can write your rule for the selected dashboard in the then part. The other dashboard action in the else part.

If there’s more triggers or dashboards you leave else empty and add an if argument for every trigger/dashboard.

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See update above. All is well.

Thanks again!

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