Camera samsung - hub smarthings

Please, how can I control and display my SAMSUNG SMARTCAM camera images and videos in ActionTiles. In the hub application I can configure and view normally but I’m not able to view in ActionTiles

ActionTiles recognize the camera ( (like the picture attached) )but i cannot see the images and videos on the principal display.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, @Fabio_Zampietro!

I noticed you mentioned ActionTiles throughout your post several times. Are you looking to get your Samsung SmartCam connected into the dashboard?

Edit: Note that Samsung SmartThings has a few special integrations for a handful of cameras including Samsung and Ring wherein the SmartThings mobile app can display videos / images from the camera, but SmartThings does not expose the video / images as part of their APIs. Media Tiles can display a variety of formats including MJPEG streams, image snapshots, etc. Your camera would either need to provide a stream/image in a compatible format or be supported in a compatible NVR like Blue Iris or TinyCam.

The following article has more details: