Calendar font size

Is there a way to change the content font size in a calendar, like you can for example in a Hero tile? I’ve attached an image of my dashboard on my Fire HD tablet. The text in the calendar is just barely readable with my glasses on. Would be nice to be able to adjust it. I looked into styles but didn’t find where content size could be adjusted. The little humidity tiles on the left side allowed me to do that, which worked nicely.

If you’ve switched over to using Scalable Dashboards and are using a larger number of columns, then the 1x1 tile will become smaller and the baseline font size gets adjusted accordingly smaller.

You can use Custom CSS in a Theme to increase the size of the fonts:

More details here: Scalable Dashboards - Adjust Calendar Font Size


Yes, I did switch to Scalable a few days ago, using 10 tiles wide on my 8" tablet.

Thanks for the pointer to the CSS, and for the quick response! I’ll check it out.