Blue Iris Feed Goes Blank

Apologies if this has been answered, but I have read the previous posts regarding BI. I have setup the media streaIm (ip:por/mjpg/Cam1). Everything works in browser, and when I first add it to a tile in Sharptools I see it as well. I can save out of the panel, view it, all good. Then after attempting to add a second stream for another camera, both tiles inevitably go blank. I cannot get them to refresh so I remove, try again, usually the same results…one works, two maybe, three nope.

I am setting this up on a Surface Pro 4 with I5 processor, feel like power should be there. BI Service likewise is a I5 6th gen with 16 ram. Showing only 12% CPU usage with 4 cameras under current settings. Kinda stumped here.

FWIW all setting mentioned in previous posts regarding BI have been set correctly (web server settings, Non-Lan etc).

@cmderden79, it sounds like an authentication issue. The browser was able to access the video first using the cached credential but then connection got denied later. Here are a couple common approaches you can try:

  1. Set authentication to be required from non-LAN only in BI settings under Web Server -> Advanced section -> Authentication.
    - This is the easiest way if you have the control of your LAN and allowing any connections from your local network is not a concern for you.

  2. Include the user and password in the URL query when accessing the camera. See the post below for details, and don’t forget to uncheck Use secure session Keys and login page as mentioned in the post.

I personally use the 1st approach since I have the complete control of who has access in my home network.

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Yes I have read those and both have been tried. However I have stumbled on something else. When I add these media tiles to ST, my wifi speed drops to below 30.mbps on my 5ghz network (typically 150). I thought that was my issue (that my internet was down which caused all this. Confirmed speed at router is 225 Mbps as always. Removed tiles and media from ST, restart router speed jumped back up. Confirmed 3 times. Seems crazy, but unless it is a heck of a coincidence it seems to be causing the drain.

@cmderden79, thanks for the updates. It is interesting and here are a few questions for you:

  1. Do you see any network speed drop when you have just one streaming video (media) tile?
  2. Do you experience the same network issue when you open the same dashboard with 2 streaming video (media) tiles on another device in the same wifi network?
  3. What are the image resolution and max frame rate (fps) settings for those cameras in BI? Does it help by lowing down the resolution/fps?
  4. Can you see anything wrong from your router’s log when having the issue?

You may also want to contact BI support if you can reproduce the same issue by opening two video streams in the browser directly since this might be caused by BI configuration issue.

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So just wanted to post back with what I have found. My cameras ate fairly old Amcrest IP2M 841B. They only run on 2.4 band and we’re not hard wired. I also had Media Prioritization turned on my router. I did a test by hard wiring one of the cameras, and this helped a little. I disabled media prioritization and this helped a lot. Not only is my router now humming at the 220 download that I expect, but the tiles are working as expected. By the way, I passed the frame rate of 1 fps to the tile using /video.mjpg?fps=1 at the end of the URL. One fps is perfectly fine for a quick check of the tile.