Bit of feedback

I’ve been using SharpTools for a few weeks now and really like it so far. There are a couple of things that would be nice, in my opinion.

  1. The ability to see when a motion sensor was last triggered on the tile
  2. The ability to use something like FA to add in our own icons
  3. Graph tiles - It would be handy to be able to see a simple line graph for a temperature or humidity sensor, for example

Apart from that, I’m very happy!


Thanks for the feedback, Andy.

For showing the last motion sensor trigger time on the tile, were you hoping to see it on the tile in the footer of the existing motion sensor? Or do you have some sort of mockup / description of what you were hoping to see?

Are there specific icons you feel are missing? We’re always looking for specific examples of icons we could add. We use FA for some of our icons, but didn’t want to slow down dashboard load times by loading ALL FA icons, so we load a subset along with our set of custom icons.

Great idea on the graphs - we’ve had one other request for it and its something were interested in adding at some point. At the moment, we only cache the latest value, so it would be a considerable back end change. :grinning:

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Hi Josh

Cheers for the reply.

It would be handy if the last trigger could be specified as a secondary attribute in the bottom corner of the tile.

There’s a few icons I’ve looked for. I admit, I’ve usually found an alternative that does the job. What would be nice, however, is to be able to transform them, or choose a different icon for the active tile. I think it’s in HA where you can add a custom icon by using the FA code and then a transform class (or something) after. I’ve got a couple of wall lights called right and left, for example. It would be nice if I could use “fa-spotlight-alt2 fa-flip-horizontal” to get them facing the same way as they are physically. If you had your existing ones and clicking one populated a text field that could be edited to add transforms.? Or the user could just put their own value in.

Graphs… the data must exist in ST though? I can see a history in there. Could you access that? I’m just thinking out loud.

Maybe these are edge cases and not worth developing… and I completely get that.

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Thanks for the additional details!

The ability to choose a different icon for active/default states is on our list. We originally had it prioritized, but it bumped down the list a bit as we received various user requests that have been popular in the community. We use community feedback and the level of interest in particular features as a key driver for what we prioritize. So things that get a lot more interest in the community tend to get bumped up our list.

Edit: Icons per state is available as noted here: Icons and Colors based on States + Window Shades

Regarding the ability to transform an icon, that’s an interesting approach that I hadn’t thought of. We do transforms, layers, and masking internally for some specific icons. I worry that it might be a bit of an esoteric feature that might bring additional confusion for normal users. I’ve added it to the list and I think it’s an interesting idea that could really add some flexibility to the existing icon set if we can figure out a way to execute it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm! :smiley:

Yes, up to 7-days of history data does exist in SmartThings. It’s one of those things that when you open the box, the request starts getting bigger and bigger, so we’d like to make sure it’s architected properly to scale going forward. Here’s a link to another thread with a similar request:

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