Best option for weather with Habitat

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to add weather tiles using my Hubitat. Every thread on this topic appears to be a dead end. I am sure someone will see this and put a link in here, that I haven’t been able to find, showing me how to get pretty weather tiles from Hubitat. Thanks.

For simple tile solution: OpenWeatherMap-Alerts works well on Hubitat. Best is to install the driver using HPM.

Looks like this on SharpTools:



Instead of Weather, I use the “News Feeds” tile type. It’s a bit deceiving that it’s called News as it can be pointed to any RSS feed as far as I’m aware. On my Fire HD 10 (that’s in portrait mode) I have a 5 x 3 tile in the centre that is the BBC Weather for where I am. It gives me a brief 3 day forecast and if I click on it, it opens a fullscreen detailed page with an extended forecast radar etc. I find this much more use than a simple tile with temperature and current conditions. Currently my tile points to BBC Weather - Forecast for Middlesbrough, GB which is the weather for Middlesbrough.

You can find details here: RSS Feeds from BBC Weather - BBC Weather


The OpenWeatherMap driver that comes with Hubitat works OK if you don’t need the extra detail like sunset, sunrise, etc. Kind of nice when you just want a simple square tile mainly showing the weather and temperature.


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That’s brilliant. I tried out your link and it’s nice that you can choose to show the summary or not:

Would be really neat if it could show the image from the feed.

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I didn’t actually realise you could do that! I initially had a tile with just current temperature on it but, while handy, that’s already on my phone and watch so thought the RSS feed was better. Previously I was using media tile with a widget from here: Free Weather Widget for your Website or Blog - Meteored

That one allows you to configure the number of days, which elements you want to include/exclude and you can match the colour of the background exactly to your tiles (I couldn’t find the colour values for the standard sharptools tiles so customised the sharptools tiles to the known values from the widget)


i know this is an old post but does anyone know how i can increase the text size?


You can use Custom CSS in a Theme to increase the size of the fonts on the Calendar and News Feed tiles:

More details here: Scalable Dashboards - Adjust Calendar Font Size