Basic on/off tyle

Hi basic question…so I have 2 tiles on my dashboard… one called kids on and one called kids off…

kids on turns 3 lights on
kids off the 3 lights off

is there any way (and its are there is but I cant figure it out) to combine this into 1 tile so 1 push turns all 3 on and one push turns all 3 off…

appreciate the responses in advance

Yes, by making a virtual switch that controls these three lights. How you do that depends on what hub you’re using.

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Hi, thanks for that…so Ive been able to create a virtual switch on my computer with SmartThings website…

Ive then used the SmartThings App to make the automation and loaded it into my dashboard

however…when the switch Shows off the lights are on and when the switch is off they are on…

I cant figure out how to either remover the words from the bottom of the switch or make it work the other way


any advice?

Hmm. Not sure if this will help, but you might have to turn them off independent of sharptools to get them in sync or something. The problem may then be that anytime you change them outside of sharptools they’ll be out of sync. I’m sure there’s a better solution, I’m just drawing a blank at the moment :slight_smile:

You could just use custom tiles for the display?

Hi pal, thanks for responding…not sure what I did or how ot happened but it just seemed to sync n now in order…Happy days…