Auto arming SHM on Smartthings


first post here :slight_smile:

I’m trying to use the rule engine to auto arm SHM only when myself, my wife & our car (Life360 for our phones, Samsung presence sensor in the car) are all away but it keeps auto arming :frowning:

My rule looked like :

Trigger : If [myself] is not present
Flow : If [myself] is not present
[wife] is not present
[car] is not present
auto arm SHM

I understand that that trigger events are OR but flow logic is AND - right ?

Is there a log I can check to see how the decision was made to auto arm SHM ?



I think I figured it out from this thread :slight_smile:

A function to export rules would be nice to save sharing screenshots :slight_smile:


Hi Tim,
Welcome to the community and glad you figured it out.Yes, export/saving as screenshot is in my list to hit. BTW, you can change the IF_Condition logic between AND (all) and OR (any) by editing the IF block. Just in case you are not aware of that. Feel free to let us know if you need any help, and of course, your feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I did see about being able to change from AND to OR - I think for this rule, I definitely need AND as I only want to arm when everyone is away

Yup, AND is what you need in the IF_Condition in your case. I assume you also added both you and your wife’s presence in the Triggers, so the rule can be kicked off when either one of you leaves. You may also want to add a “Delay” before the IF_Condition, so it leaves some time for all presence status to be updated before being checked in the IF_Condition.

Flow: Delay 60 seconds → IF all presences are not present, THEN arm SHM.