Arlo image capture

I know this topic is not new, but I am hoping to get fresh help. I see cool dashboards with camera footage or at least images. I have ring and Arlo cameras. I have tried unsuccessfully to use arlopilot and pyarlo. Arlopilot just gives me an error whenever I try to add the smartapp and pyarlo may just be too big a learning curve as it is Python and there is not good explanations on how to use it. Is there any other way I can have tiles show last Arlo image? Thanks

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community!

Both Ring and Arlo have closed ecosystems, but as you’ve noted some people have figured out some neat workarounds for Arlo devices. ArloPilot is probably the most popular solution.

For example, @Adrian_C had his Arlo cameras loaded in his dashboards using ArloPilot snapshots (set to refresh every 5 minutes).

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Then I’ll need to figure out what I can’t get it tobwork, arlopilot that is

i just tried to add arlopilot but said network error

It looks like the ArloPilot project has been abandoned based on the posts in the ArloPilot thread. :slightly_frowning_face:

There appears to be a new project called Arlo Assistant which can be found here:

Unfortunately, it does not look like the new Arlo Assistant project has the image snapshot functionality that the Arlo Pilot project had. Perhaps you could post a request for image snapshot functionality in the Arlo Assistant thread?

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