Are some of the Tasker samples no longer needed?

I was just looking through the Tasker example tasks and one was to use Google Assistant to turn a light on and off. If I’m using SmartThings and Google Assistant do I benefit from having a task like that setup since Google Assistant will no link with SmartThings. I was just curious if there was an advantage that I didn’t notice. Thanks

Now that Google Assistant and Alexa are available, they are best suited for most voice control commands.

Some of the Tasker + AutoVoice + SharpTools stuff was written in 2014 before either voice assistant was released and well before they were mainstream! :smiley:

There are still some cases where AutoVoice control can still be useful though and the core concepts of the articles would still apply. For example, I can’t control my locks or garage doors through Google Assistant, so I could create a Tasker profile that would allow voice control of those devices. And since it’s Tasker, you could customize it however you please… maybe when you arrive home, your phone could ask you if you want to open the garage (voice prompt) and then react based on your command - all hands free!