Any plans for supporting vera products?

hi all;
see title

We don’t have any immediate plans to support Vera, but if there’s enough interest we would be open to considering it! :smiley:

(I think I even still have a Vera Lite floating around my house somewhere!)

Hi guys,

I’d be interested in this functionality! Would make interacting with Vera a lot more user friendly!


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hi guys;
r there any plans to expand hub support?
currently smartthigs and hubitat are supported. is there anything in the works?

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Yes, expanding support to additional platforms is on the hit list. We’ve been working on backend changes to make it easier for us to scale to additional platforms and devices.

That being said, we haven’t received a tremendous amount of interest in support for Vera products.

PS. We saw the eZLO/MiOS/Vera guys, at CEDIA. We didn’t get a chance to chat in depth, but it sounds like they’re doing some major rewrites of their platform. We’ll be keeping an eye on their progress as well as the level of interest from the community in a SharpTools integration. :smiley: