After Smart Things update

Hi guys, I need some help. After the Smart Things app updated, I can no longer find my Ecobee thermostat. I’ve tried to add it in Devices, but when I go to Manage Connections/My Home, it doesn’t show up. It (Ecobee) does show up in Linked Services, but I never had to put in my login. It’s saying my account is linked. Any idea what’s going on? TIA


Hi @Joe_Jefferson, see the post below for how to add Ecobee in SmartThings to SharpTools.

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Hi James…in my Automations tab on my mobile device (iPhone 7plus) , I only have 'Add scene" and "Add routine.

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

The Automations tab should show your existing automations and SmartApps. You should be able to find your existing SharpTools installation under the SmartApps heading.

I’ve heard of this happening in the iOS app for various reasons.

SmartApp Spaces in Icons
If you have any custom SmartApps installed, you can check to make sure that none of them have spaces in the name for the icon:

SmartApp Spaces Issue
Take a look at “My SmartApps” in the IDE. One of your self-published SmartApps references an icon with spaces in the URL. It looks like the app is failing due to that. You can change the icon or add encoding for the spaces. I tested on iOS without the encoding and was able to reproduce your issue and by adding encoding, I wasn’t able to reproduce it. & Wellness/health2-icn.png can be changed to

Incomplete SmartApp Installs
You can also check if there are any ‘incomplete’ SmartApp installations from the SmartThings IDE:

Incomplete SmartApps
I’ve seen this happen a few times (rare though), for some reason the app doesn’t complete it’s lifecycle while installing and it shows up at the bottom of the SmartApps list under a section called Incomplete . The only solution I found is to delete the app and then reinstall it.

Samsung SmartThings Support
Alternatively, some people have just had to reach out to Samsung SmartThings support to get the Automations tab working as expected again.

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