Adding additional Phone numbers for SMS

I may be late here, but if you’ve got an iPhone here is how I did it.

After you’ve set up your rule with your own phone number, trigger the rule, the number that sms texts you, you’ll save that number (door sensor) then you’ll head over to shortcuts then tap automations. Crest an automation that sends a text out to other contacts when you get a message from the number that you just saved.

Nice! So this enables you to react to the SMS message that you receive on your phone using an iOS Shortcut automation and effectively foward that SMS onto other users? Neat approach!

We recently released ‘Additional Emails in Rules’ to beta and have included an Email-to-SMS wizard.

:tada::computer: [BETA] Additional Emails in Rules (and Email-to-SMS Wizard)

Many telecom providers offer an email address that you can send messages to and it will automatically deliver them as SMS messages to your phone. For example:

Our Email-to-SMS wizard included in the latest beta enables you to enter your phone number and it will attempt to automatically find the email-to-SMS format for your carrier. This works for the big three US carriers mentioned above and has some fallback search features for a number of international carriers.

If your carrier isn’t automatically matched, but has an email-to-sms format, you can use it directly but we’d also love if you let us know the format so we can add it to the database!

Yes, that’s correct. At first I didn’t think or know if I could or if it would work but it does. And no special coding either. I hope this helps those that want multiple contacts.

The draw back I’m still figuring out is how to automatically send the message instead of having to hit the run automation pop up.

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I know this is old but I came across an app that works for me. I have sharptools doing the sms to me and I have it set up with an app called sms forwarder. For the app there’s a filter that if I receives a message from the sharptools number with a certain phrase it’ll be forwarded to a few people.

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Thanks! this is what I need! I just downloaded and set it up with a filter. hopefully it works for me as planned.

I have an app called sms forwarder that does it. I’ll know in a few hours if it actually works or not. The sms from sharptools comes to me then the app forwards it to a few people if my name is in the message.