Adding additional Phone numbers for SMS

how do you add additional numbers for sms messages i could enter my number bud want to have my wife get same sms messages i do.

At the moment, only a single primary number is supported for SMS notifications. A common workaround is to use Pushbullet to support multiple notification targets.

It’s on our hit list to add support for multiple SMS targets! :grinning:

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What’s your timing and action plan for the “hit list”?

@Tod_Claytor welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

Community feedback is a key part of how we plan and prioritize what we work on next. The more feedback we see around a particular feature request or enhancement, the more likely it is to get prioritized. So adding your comment to this post is a good first step!

As you may have noticed, this particular request hasn’t had a ton of traction yet, so we’ve prioritized other highly requested features and you can see the result of those requests in the Announcements Category.

Alternative Approaches

That being said, there are a few common approaches that are taken to notify multiple recipients.

Pushbullet and Pushover are both popular alternatives for delivering notifications.

  • Pushbullet supports up to 500 messages a month for free and has apps for iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, etc.
  • Pushover charges a one-time $5 fee per platform (eg. $5 for Android, $5 for iOS) and supports 7,500 messages a month.
  • Both of these support targeting multiple different devices and with Pushover, you can easily share your ‘user key’ across family member’s devices

Alternatively, our Twilio SMS integration is not limited to a single recipients device, but requires you to have a paid Twilio account.

I’ve tried to setup Pushbullet, but it doesn’t exist in the iOS App Store.

An alternative solution for me would be to edit - or even delete - the current phone number for SMS. Is there a way to do this?


Wow! It looks like PuahBullet was unpublished from the App Store. The developer has responded to a few posts on Reddit explaining.

Pushover is certainly still an option, but there is a one-time fee of $5.

If you send a message to support, we can help you with changing the SMS number on file.

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Josh - please ignore previous PM regarding changing SMS number. I’ve installed Pushover and all is well,